E-Vital Hair Oil

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The ‘E’ssential Food To Your Hair

• Nourishes dry and itchy scalp.
• Makes your hair shiny.
• Can be applied even on coloured hair.
• Helps in repairing damaged hair.
• Prevents premature greying
• Nourishes & protects hair from everyday damage
• Infused with Vitamin E & Omega 3

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Nourish your hair with the goodness of E-Vital Hair oil. Made from a combination of mineral oil, sesame oil, jasmine oil, and flax seeds, E-Vital is a nutritional therapy for your hair. A brilliant source of omega 3 and vitamin E, E-Vital has anti-inflammatory properties and the goodness of Omega 3 that helps open up the hair follicles and promote hair growth. Vitamin E is also good for your scalp & follicles; it reduces inflammation and encourages hair growth. E-Vital is a powerful combo of these ingredients and is an elixir for your hair. 

Revitalize your hair with E-Vital & Get stronger, shinier and smooth hair.

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