Chiller – Royal

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Infuse great freshness with the ‘Royal’ version!

• Gentle to skin
• Long-lasting
• Refreshing (Smells amazing)
• Does not stain clothes

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Adorn yourself with the fresh aroma of Chiller Body Perfumes.

A whiff of confidence in your personality.

Chiller Body Perfumes are synonym with fragrances that are built around the concept of natural, long-lasting, and exotic aroma. The ‘No Gas’ perfume body spray, each fragrance hand-picked and wrapped in an elegant & sophisticated bottle.

The Royal Chiller Perfume Body Spray is a perfect blend of freshness & luxurious tones that leave a trail of classic scent that is sure to stimulate your senses. A refreshing, long-lasting perfume, the Royal Chiller does not stain clothes and doesn’t harm your skin. 


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