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The RD Group established a strong foothold in the real estate with its ventures in Delhi, Mathura, Agra, and Bangalore.


After the huge success of Rajdarbar and RDI Homes, we are now venturing into Pharmaceuticals and Personal care products.



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Chiller – Royal

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Infuse great freshness with the ‘Royal’ version!

• Gentle to skin
• Long-lasting
• Refreshing (Smells amazing)
• Does not stain clothes

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Adorn yourself with the fresh aroma of Chiller Body Perfumes.

A whiff of confidence in your personality.

Chiller Body Perfumes are synonym with fragrances that are built around the concept of natural, long-lasting, and exotic aroma. The ‘No Gas’ perfume body spray, each fragrance hand-picked and wrapped in an elegant & sophisticated bottle.

The Royal Chiller Perfume Body Spray is a perfect blend of freshness & luxurious tones that leave a trail of classic scent that is sure to stimulate your senses. A refreshing, long-lasting perfume, the Royal Chiller does not stain clothes and doesn’t harm your skin.


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